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Zero Gravity Rescue Club NA Pils 12oz Single


Pairs with: Schnitzel

Good for: Watching the big game at a friend's house

Style: Non Alcoholic Pilsner

I am from: Burlington, Vermont

The Story: A project of Vermont's Zero Gravity, Rescue Club believes that a high-quality beverage should not have to be judged on its ABV and that it is the people who make the party, not the alcohol. We intend to open people’s hearts and minds to a different way of thinking about non-alcoholic brewing. We are charting a new course. With deep roots in New England’s craft brewing culture, we use a proprietary technique to deliver non-alcoholic beers of the highest quality and flavor. We think it is super fun to drink regular beers all the time, but we also think there is a time and place for a really great can of suds that doesn’t have any alcohol in it, and since there weren’t any tasty ones out there, we decided to make some. We believe a delicious NA beer can be for everyone, anytime and anyplace

Why You’ll Love Me: A non-alcoholic Pilsner style that hits all the right notes. German hops and malts give this golden lager the classic crisp and quenching qualities that you know and love. A clean and malt forward delight, with just a touch of Noble hop character. It is immensely refreshing, and perfectly balanced.