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Castello di Bossi 2013 Gran Selezione Chianti Classico

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Pairs with: Lamb ragu and fresh pappardelle

Good for: Impressing the friend who went to Italy last year

Feels like: A whole new world of wine

Grape: Sangiovese

I am from: Tuscany, Italy

The story: Based around a 9th century CE estate, Castello di Bossi is deeply rooted in Tuscan history. While their winery takes advantage of the best modern technology has to offer, their wines remain thoroughly neoclassical in style: structured, complex, and elegant.

In your mouth: I'm like no Chianti you've ever tasted. My rich notes of plum play off bright raspberry, while intriguing hints of white truffle add depth. Touches of leather and ceder accentuate my finely woven tannins for a finish that carries you all the way to the next sip. 

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