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Broadbent Madeira 5 Years Old Malmsey Reserve


Type: Dessert

Category: Madeira

Grape Variety: Tinta Negra

Country: Portugal

Region: Madeira

Pairs with: Cave-aged blue cheese

Good for: Aprés-dinner conversation

Grape: Tinta Negra

I am from: Madeira, Portugal

The Story: Begun in 1996, Broadbent Madeira was inspired by Bartholomew Broadbent’s father, Michael Broadbent, who called Madeira his “desert island wine,” and who played a crucial role in sourcing the wines and establishing the blends. Bartholomew Broadbent, who spent more than a decade reintroducing Madeira to the U.S. market, was determined to create a line of Madeiras to compete with the best in the world.

Why You'll Love Me: Aged in oak casks for a minimum of 5 years; the resulting wine is sweet with a nearly vintage level of acid and complexity. Dark golden in color with sweet nutty aromas on the rich side of the spectrum, while hints of aged citrus and supple fruits make it both sweet and fresh.