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Azienda Vitivinicola Edoardo Patrone PSB 2020 Vino Rosso


Type: Red

Category: Still

Country: Italy

Region: Valle d'Ossola

Category: Wine

Pairs with: Salumi

Good for: A pre-dinner glass of red

Grape: Nebbiolo, Merlot, Dolcetto...

I am from: Valle d'Ossola, Italy

The Story: The Ossola valley is one where vineyards lie at an average of about 500 meters, surrounded by stunning mountains. An hour north of Alto Piemonte, the weather is much more extreme in comparison. There, Edoardo Patrone has been making wine since 2016 after a few harvests in Australia and four years in Barolo learning how to make wine.

It was his time in Australia that gave him time to reflect on just how lucky he was to be from such a unique winemaking region. His time there, along with the encouragement of Stella who he met while living abroad, is all he needed to take the leap in Domodossola, a region with 700 years of winemaking history but just one or two other wineries making wine commercially – most of which is produced by those who come to stay here in the moutains at the various agriturismi for a few days. Edoardo’s jaunt into serious, natural winemaking is something unique to the valley, and the results are something to behold.

Why You'll Love Me: This field blend is principally Nebbiolo and Merlot, but includes up to 13 indigenous grapes as well. It's a true expression of Alpine wine - look for notes of tart, bright red fruit and a smooth, easy-drinking texture.