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Craft beer, defined as brews made by small and independent breweries, has become increasingly popular over the last decade. In fact, CBS News reported that in 2018, domestic sales of craft beer reached a record $27.6 billion, making up 24% of the overall American beer market. 

With an estimated 7,450 craft brewers in the United States, craft beer popularity isn’t going away anytime soon. Let’s explore some of the reasons why craft beer breweries and their products are in demand across the country.

Young Drinkers Make Up The Market

Much of the rise of craft beer popularity can be attributed to younger generations turning 21+. DSM explained that around half of the under-30-year-olds they surveyed had increased their consumption of craft beer compared to just a couple of years ago. This is partly due to this generation putting more emphasis on the quality of beer they are drinking. Craft beer breweries are known for making small-batch brews with fresh, unique ingredients. And while they may cost more than mass-market beers, people are buying them.

People Want Unique Flavors

In addition to the quality of craft beer, younger drinkers are also seeking out new flavors to try. Compared to your average lager or ale, craft beer comes in a wide variety of styles and taste profiles. From sweet flavors inspired by desserts, to dark brews with a spicy kick, there is truly a flavor for everyone to enjoy. These younger consumers are more adventurous and will try different craft beers whether they are at home, a restaurant, or a bar.

They Pack A Punch

Another reason more people are buying craft beer is that it typically has a higher alcohol content than a lager or other commercial brew. According to Home Brew Advice, mass-produced beer usually has an alcohol content anywhere between 3-5%. However, craft beer typically has anywhere between 6-10% alcohol content. An emphasis on the fermentation process means some craft beers have an even higher ABV, like 15% and above! This is making craft beer a good alternative to wine and other beverages with similar alcohol content.

It’s All About Experience

Craft beer is all about making an experience. Many drinkers believe their personality is tied to the flavors and brand they drink, and perhaps more importantly, what they drink it with. Small-batch brews give consumers an alternative to their typical wine and cheese pairing. With the wide variety of flavors available, you can enjoy a craft beer with your favorite pizza, picnic, or even dessert to enhance the experience.

Vino Di Vino Craft Beer Selection

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