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Wine tasting can be one of the best ways to treat yourself, family and friends, or your work team to a relaxing yet engaging experience. But did you know that you can enjoy a personalized, expert-led virtual wine tasting from the comfort of your own home? 

Here are seven things you may not know about virtual wine tasting that might just make you want to try this one-of-a-kind experience soon.

1. It’s Intimate

Vino Di Vino’s virtual wine tasting is not your average Zoom conference. You and your party have the undivided attention of our experienced wine steward. No crowded video calls with people you don’t know.

2. It’s Interactive

A virtual wine tasting can be just as interactive as an in-person affair with the right expert leading the experience. Vino Di Vino’s wine connoisseurs know what it takes to make classes engaging and encourage participants to ask questions. By the end of the hour, all of your guests will have likely learned something new.

3. It’s Personalized

Have a theme in mind for your virtual wine tasting? Do you know that your guests prefer white wine over red wine or vice versa? You can customize your wine tasting kits to match the theme and preferences for a truly personalized virtual wine tasting experience.

4. It’s Easy to Organize

Whether you have five guests or 300, coordinating invitations and packages can be difficult - but not with Vino Di Vino. Simply provide us with your guest list and we can complete the rest after you choose your virtual wine tasting package. Each guest will receive their wine tasting kit the day before the scheduled event and then all they need to do is join the browser link we provide (no special software needed).

5. It Promotes Camaraderie

During our virtual wine tasting experience, guests are encouraged to keep their cameras on so they can see everyone else. The wine tasting kits also serve two people in the same household, meaning there’s amazing social interaction throughout the entire event. The fun, engaging atmosphere is perfect for having teams and individuals meet and talk who might not otherwise have interacted in such a setting. For the best interaction levels, we recommend choosing up to 50 attendees.

6. It’s Creative

A virtual wine tasting is really just the foundation of an engaging experience. We provide the wine and expert instruction, but the rest is up to you. Want to include food pairings for your selection? Have games for even more fun interaction? These are just a few ideas.

7. It’s Fun for Any Occasion

A virtual wine tasting is a great way to celebrate every occasion or give your team a well-deserved treat for all their hard work. From birthdays and family reunions to corporate events, a virtual wine tasting is fitting for them all.

Vino DiVino Virtual Wine Tasting

Ready to indulge in a virtual wine tasting with your friends, family, or for a corporate event? Vino Di Vino offers a seamless virtual wine tasting experience from start to finish. And if your group prefers a different drink of choice, we also offer virtual cocktail workshops.

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