Age Verification

As a retailer of fine wine, spirits, and beer Vinodivino requires all shoppers to be at least 21 years of age.

TapMango Rewards

  • All customers that have an account on Tapmango will be synced to the database on the Shopify Ecommerce site 
  •  Customers have NOT created a password before so they will need to on the website by selecting the rewards button on the bottom left corner and then selecting "Sign up" 
  • Customers that HAVE created a password through the Shopify ecomm website will need to select "Log In" (must be the same email as they had used in store) 
  • When selecting "Sign Up" customers must use the same email address in order for Tapmango to read and pair up their instore account to the Ecommerce account 
  • All points will be available to redeem online through a discount code
  • All rewards and vouchers have been mapped to the online store as well