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Is there a right way to drink red wine? Well, it depends on who you ask.

While there’s nothing wrong with opening your favorite bottle of red and simply enjoying it with your meal, there are some dos and don’ts of indulging in this drink if you truly want to savor it.

Read on to learn more about the best way to drink red wine so you can impress your guests during your next tasting or dinner event.

How to Drink Red Wine Like a Sommelierwoman and man enjoying a glass of red wine

Follow these steps the next time you drink red wine and notice how you may appreciate the flavors in an entirely new way:

  1. Ensure your wine is at the right temperature

Typically, red wine is best served between 60-65 degrees Fahrenheit (room temperature). At this temperature, you can best enjoy the fruits and aromatics of the drink.

  1. Choose the right wine glass

Not all wine glasses are created equal. When enjoying red wine, you will want to use a wine glass with a larger bowl (i.e. NOT a champagne flute). A wider bowl allows the wine to easily come into contact with oxygen, helping it to breathe and overall enhancing its flavor. Interestingly, a larger glass also pushes the wine to the back of your mouth so you can enjoy its robust flavors more fully.

  1. Swirl, swirl, swirl

You may have seen sommeliers and food critics swirling their red before taking a sip. This isn’t just for dramatic effect. Swirling wine allows you to take note of the wine’s body and legs. But more importantly, swirling helps to further oxygenate the red wine and bring out its complex aromatics before taking a sip.

  1. Take a sniff

Now that the aromatics are at their peak, it’s time to take a sniff. This helps you get a better understanding of the flavors to come and can make the first sip all the better.

  1. Start with a small sip

Finally, it’s time for your first taste! When drinking red wine, it’s best to take a small sip and let it roll on your tongue for a moment. This will give you the final clues as to what went into making this particular bottle and will allow the flavors to linger in your mouth.

While experts may recommend spitting out the first sip, you don’t have to unless you’re at a tasting event with more samples to come. Enjoy!

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