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Trulli 2016 Salice Salentino

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Pairs with: Pasta dishes or braised meats

Good for: It's Pizza night and you need something easy and delicious

Feels like: Gorging yourself on pasta with red sauce in the heel of Italy

Grapes: Negroamaro, Malvasia Nera

I am from: Salento, Italy

The story: In the heel of Italy lies an archaeological and architectural wonder, Trulli. A ancient cone-like hut that dates back over a thousand years. It's by this namesake the wine is grounded in this history and directly reflects the richness of that past.  

In your mouth: I am devilishly lush and loving. I express a convergence of cocoa nibs and vanilla showing off my richer side. I still have plenty of dark fruit: black currants and earthy blackberries. I'm definitely deep, definitely easy, definitely fun!

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