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Thierry Triolet NV Champagne Brut Grande Reserve

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Pairs with: Rich seafood, light pasta dishes, and anything fried

Good for: holiday parties!

Feels like: Letting off steam after a long year

Grape: 95% Chardonnay, 2.5% Pinot Noir, 2.5% Pinot Meunier

I am from: Champagne, France

The story: This gorgeous blend of vintage Champagnes spends three years aging on the lees to give it a rich and full style, with a creamy mouthfeel and flavors of toasted almond croissants. It drinks like a vintage Blanc de Blancs, at a fraction of the price.

In your mouth: I am beautifully aromatic – have you ever had one with aromas of flowers on top of freshly baked bread? That's me. Elegance, balance, richness: you'll want to have me again... before breakfast.

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