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Tenuta Scerscé 2015 Sforzato di Valtellina

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Pairs with: Gorgonzola-encrusted ribeye

Good for: When you're craving pure decadence

Feels like: Slipping into something velvet

Grapes: Nebbiolo

I am from: Lombardy, Italy

The story:  Sforzato combines the best of Amarone and Barolo. The grapes are hand-harvested before being carefully dried for two months, lending the finished wine deep, nutty notes of dried fruit. Give this bottle some air, and watch it blossom.

In your mouth: Rich notes of dried figs lure you into my glass. With the first sip, bright cherry joins before slowly darkening to something stewed and spiced, accented by earth and supported by my signature Nebbiolo tannins.

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