Tahuan 2016 Malbec

Store Location: Needham

Store Location: Boston

Store Location: Brookline

Store Location: Newton

Pairs with: That perfect steak

Good for: A relaxing evening at home

Feels like: Being fully engrossed by your meal and evening

Grapes: Malbec

I am from: Mendoza, Argentina

The story! To fully know the wine, you must know the guy behind the wine. Ernesto Catena of the famous Catena Zapata family is an avid reader, painter, art collector, horseman, polo player, and archer. So why not try a wine that he finds time for in his busy-living-life schedule, this elegant expression of malbec?

In your mouth: Complex with concentrated dark fruit. I'm a bit more funky than your lusher styles of Malbec, more French if anything. But that only makes you love me more: I'm very approachable and oh so tasty.

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