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Sassaroli 2016 Chianti DOCG

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Pairs with: Herb-roasted chicken with mushrooms, or spaghetti

Good for: Winding down with an over-sized glass after a long day.

Feels like: Strolling through Florence on a starlit night.

Grapes: Sangiovese

I am from: Tuscany, Italy

The image may not reflect the product’s actual vintage.

The story:  Chianti, Chianti — oh how we love thee! This style has been in production since the 13th century. The Sangiovese is gently pressed and spends a short time fermenting and in oak before bottling. Best with pizza!   

In your mouth: On your palate, I will dazzle you with flavors of ripe tomato, fresh basil, and bright cherry. You are in for a treat with my satin-like mouthfeel and seductive overtones of salted dark chocolate. I play well with others, but between you and me... three's a crowd and I am best enjoyed solo.

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