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Rooiberg Winery 2018 Chenin Blanc

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Pairs with: Pan-seared tuna with balsamic reduction.

Good for: Someone who likes Sauvignon Blanc, but wants to try something new.

Feels like: A crisp walk through the woods.

Grape: Chenin Blanc

I am from: Robertson, South Africa

The story:  South Africa's booming wine scene has brought new attention to an old French grape called Chenin Blanc. This aromatic white grape is the star at Rooiberg Winery, which is located slightly inland and in the mountains. The higher altitude keeps temperatures low and acidity high, while exposing the vines to granite soils that gives the wine a beautiful minerality. 

In your mouth: Step into my intoxicating aromas. Yellow apple, pear, chamomile, and quince welcome you with open arms. I zap you back to reality with my high acid and dry finish.

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