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Rocca del Dragone 2016 Falanghina

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Pairs with: Freshly grilled seabass

Good for: Lovers of Gavi who want to shake things up

Feels like: Jumping in the pool on a hot summer day

Grapes: Falanghina

I am from: Campania, Italy

The story: This wine is named after the local legend, a dragon who lives under the nearby Monte Petrino. Falanghina is a rarely planted varietal, but it's well renowned for its crisp minerality and fresh acidity. This is southern Italy's answer to Gavi di Gavi DOCG.

In your mouth: I'm lean, crisp, and fresh; you can expect soft notes of white flowers, melon, and almonds from me. If you love elegance and precision, why don't you pick me up sometime?

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