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Press Seltzer Variety 12pk


Type: Seltzer

Country: USA

State: Wisconsin

Pairs with: Fresh fruit

Good for: A day at the pool

Grape: None! I’m seltzer

I am from: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

The Story:  Amy, the founder of ‘Press’ developed the first ‘Press’ flavor profiles in her kitchen, brewing up sophisticated flavor combinations inspired by her global culinary explorations. She had three no-compromise goals. First, the seltzer had to be delicious. Second, the flavor profiles had to be sophisticated. Finally, for fans committed to responsible sipping, it had to be low ABV. When she brought PRESS to market, the hard seltzer category was non-existent. Naysayers only fueled Amy’s determination to market her premium seltzer.

Why You’ll Love Me: I’m fruity, easy to drink, and the most refreshing hard seltzer you can buy