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Pico and Vine 2017 Sonoma Chardonnay

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Pairs with: Lobster

Good for: Treating yourself to a luxurious bottle

Feels like: Getting into a big jacuzzi

Grape: Chardonnay

I am from: Sonoma County, California, USA

The story:  This Chardonnay is undeniably Californian; it's oaky, rich, and creamy. After seeing a period of barrel fermentation, the wine is then aged on the lees for a few months, contributing a smooth, creamy texture.

In your mouth: You can expect notes of ripe apple and pear, as well as a hint of lemon to welcome you into the glass. Following up are soft hints of vanilla, nutmeg, and cream. Although I sound quite rich, I have a surprisingly crisp and elegant finish. 

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