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Paul Dolan Vineyards 2016 Zinfandel

Store Location: Needham

Store Location: Newton

Pairs with: Burgers, lamb chops, or pork

Good for: Backyard BBQ / Block Parties

Feels like:Taking a drive through the Russian River Valley

Grape: Zinfandel

I am from:Mendocino County, California

The story!Paul Dolan has always been at the forefront of bio-dynamic and organic production of wine. He believes (as we all do) that wines should be representative of the place they were made. As such, all Dolan are produced from organically-grown grapes uniquely sourced from specific parts of Mendocino County, California, before being coupled with native yeast strains to fully embrace the terroir of their origins.

In your mouth: Lively & Playful. Lovely blackberry jam on the front of the wine with little hints of black pepper throughout the mid-palate & finish. Not as rich or oaky as some other zinful counterparts. This wine is for sure a bit more delicate and relaxing!

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