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Paul Anheuser 2017 Blanc de Noir

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Pairs with: Sausages, sauerkraut, peppers & onions in a bun

Good for: Slightly heartier dishes and you still want a white

Feels like: A boat ride down the Rhine in Fall

Grapes: Pinot Noir

I am from: Nahe, Germany

The story:  'Blanc de Noir'  means 'white of black' signifying that this is, indeed, a white wine made from a red grape. The Anheusers have been farming the Nahe region of Germany for roughly 250 years. Did anyone notice the 'Anheuser' part? Yes these are descendants of the family that created the most important beer brand in the world. 

In your mouth: Now I know I might sound a bit odd. But don't forget that Champagne is commonly made using Pinot Noir so it's not much of a stretch. Upon smelling me you'll get an abundance of white flowers, rich honeydew melons with white peaches. What you smell is what I taste like with hints of lime. I have some acidity on the end but I am a stronger style!

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