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Mission de la Caminade 2017 Cahors

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Pairs with: Marinated skirt steak

Good for: An old-school style of Malbec

Feels like: Wrapping yourself up in your biggest blanket

Grape: Malbec, Merlot

I am from: Cahors, France

The story:  The Résses family has been making wine in Cahors for four generations and, with each passing vintage, they get better and better. With a dash of Merlot blended in, this wine is bold, dark, and very drinkable.

In your mouth: I have firm tannins, but I'm not too tough to drink. I explode from the glass with aromas of ripe blackberry, black plum, and black cherry. Decant me for a couple of hours and you'll be rewarded for your patience!

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