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Mighty Squirrel Sensei Jim Japanese Lager


Type: Lager

Country: USA

State: Massachusetts

Mighty Squirrel Brewing Company “Sensei Jim” Japanese Lager

Pairs with: Pork Katsu

Good for: Celebrations with close friends and family.

Grape: Wheat (this is beer)

I am from: Waltham, MA

The story: Sensei means "one who has come before" in Japanese. Mighty Squirrel brewed this Japanese Lager to celebrate their teachers and to show gratitude for them as they walked on their path before them and paved the way. They walk in the footsteps of giants, and Sensei Jim is one such giant. Jim is their neighbor with his True Martial Arts Academy and has been teaching karate in Waltham and the surrounding community for the last 43 years. There is a common saying in Okinawa, the birthplace of karate, 行逢りば兄弟 (pronounced "ichariba choodee"), which means "from the moment we meet, we become family," and that's how Mighty Squirrel feels about Jim and the other wonderful people they have met since Mighty Squirrel moved to the Waverley Oaks community in 2018.

Why you’ll love me: Sensei Jim is a clean, crisp, refreshing lager with a soft hop nose. Brewed with large portions of rice to create a light color and body and exquisite dry finish.