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Masseria del Feudo 2017 Grillo

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Pairs with: Linguine alla Vongole

Good for: Pairing with almost any Italian cuisine

Feels like: Diving into the Adriatic Sea

Grapes: Grillo

I am from: Sicily, Italy

The story! Hailing from the South coast of Sicily, this wine is an excellent alternative to Pinot Grigio; it has a slightly fuller body, but is definitely drier. Grillo thrives in the hot, sunny climate of Sicily, and is the primary grape used in Marsala, the Sicilian fortified wine.

In your mouth: I'm rich, yet crisp, making me perfect to bring along to any dinner. My soft notes of citrus are accented by a little kick of white pepper on the back end. Bright acidity and minerality complete my beauty, bottled just for you. 

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