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Lucchetti 2017 Lacrima di Morro

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Pairs with: Refreshing summer roasted veggies or grilled meats

Good for: Showing off your ability to find a wine that your friends haven’t

Feels like: Summer has come and it's time to have a burger

Grape: Lacrima di Morro

I am from: Alba, Italy

The story: Ever heard of Lacrima di Morro? Nor had we! The grape (whose name means "tear" in Italian) is teardrop-shaped and incredibly juicy. The Lucchetti Family, with their mission of revitalizing long-forgotten grape varieties, brought this beautiful wine to the USA in the 1980s.

In your mouth: Utterly unique! Obsessed with the smell of spring flowers? I have an intense, tantalizing aroma like the feeling of an emerging summer. With a full body and plenty of fruit (like a Cabernet, or a Montepulciano), I am still exquisitely balanced. Have me once and you’ll want me forever.

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