Laurent Perrachon 2017 Julienas "Roche Bleue"

Store Location: Brookline

Pairs with: Roasted chicken with rosemary

Good for: Long dinners with old friends

Feels like: Hearing a favorite song on the radio

Grapes: Gamay

I am from: Beaujolais, France

The story! Since 1877, the Perrachon family has been producing stunning wines in Julienas. Home to some of the oldest vines in Beaujolais, the central village of Julienas was named after that famed conqueror and spreader of wine, Julius Caesar.

In your mouth: Aromas of spice and peonies greet you as you lean in for that first sip. My flavors dance on your palate, hints of rustic minerality supporting raspberry and red cherry. I linger, smooth and bright in equal measure.

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