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Kientzler Cremant D'Alsace Brut

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Pairs with: Celebrations or fancy sipping

Good for: When you want to celebrate but don't want to break the bank

Feels like: A warm evening in Alsace

Grapes: Auxerrois

I am from: Ribeauville, Alsace

The story:  The Kientzler Domaine is a fifth generation, family-run estate centered on the town of Ribeauville in Alace.  Of their 13.8 hectares, about 4.4 of those are classified as Grand Cru!

In your mouth: My bouquet is clean and pure with white flowers, minerality, and a hint of lemon.  My palate is lean and elegant with lively bubbles, more floral notes, and a long and refreshing finish.

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