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Jose Michel et Fils 2013 Brut Champagne Special Club

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Pairs with: Nothing but the best french fries

Good for: Showing off.

Feels like: Stepping into a cellar, gazing upon all, knowing its yours

Grape: Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay

I am from: Champagne, France

The story: Jose Michel made his first vintage in 1955 following 5 generations of Champagne makers. Many say that he and Krug are the masters of taming the difficult Pinot Meunier grape which features prominently in both their wines.

In your mouth: I am elegant and complex on the nose with aromas of toasted almonds, hazelnut, and flowers.  Once I hit your palate I will shock you with my finesse.  Brioche, stewed bananas, and more flowers.  Rich and mouth coating.  Need I say more?

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