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Jean Becker 2016 Riesling d'Alsace

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Pairs with: The spice of life type of dinners — Thai or Mexican

Good for: Cooling down the heat in that food

Feels like: Sitting in a little Alsatian village on a hot day

Grape: Riesling

I am from: Alsace, France

The story: 13 generations (not a typo) of the Becker family have been tending the same vines, passing down knowledge from generation to generation in the tradition of the region. This is the common thread for most of the best Alsatian wine families. When you drink this, you're really diving into the history of the region, soil and people. 

In your mouth: I'm beautifully crisp and barely sweet, a lovely balance between peaches and citrus. I'm the kind of wine you can easily relax with by yourself: I know many of my friends at Vinodivino have!

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