Harken 2017 Barrel Fermented Chardonnay

Store Location: Needham

Store Location: Boston

Store Location: Brookline

Pairs with: Potato salad and lobster rolls 

Good for:Treating yourself to something luxurious 

Feels like: Getting a full massage at a 5-Star hotel

Grape: Chardonnay

I am from: Monterey, California

The story! Harken Wines seek to recapture the glory of Chardonnay's heyday in California. Nowadays, everyone seems to be producing light, unoaked Chardonnays, leaving those who loves some richness in the lurch. 

In your mouth: I just might be the biggest Chardonnay you'll ever try. From the moment my journey as wine began to the minute I was bottled, I've been ageing in an oak barrel. You can expect notes of toast, cream, butterscotch, and pear from me. 

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