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Giornata Il Campo 2018 Bianco

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Pairs with: Cheese plates, risotto, or fish

Good for: Sipping on a sunny spring day

Feels like: A three day weekend

Grapes: Falanghina, Pinot Grigio

I am from: Paso Robles, California, USA

The story: Giornata creates wines with Italian spirit in California soils. Made with a blend of sustainable, organic, and biodynamic practices, each bottle provides a fresh and unique take on what these popular Italian varietals can accomplish. 

In your mouth: My vibrant floral aromas lure you into the glass with jasmine and orange blossoms. A light note of almond dances with my lively citrus fruit. Each sip leaves you wanting another, and another: there's a reason they call me porch pounder!

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