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Forster Winzerverein 2012 Forster Ungeheuer Riesling Spätlese

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Pairs with: Chicken vindaloo

Good for: That sweet taste without the sticky feeling

Feels like: Getting upgraded to first class for free

Grape: Riesling

I am from: Forst, Pfalz, Germany

The story! This wine is made by a co-op based in Pfalz, just across the border from Alsace. Spätlese is effectively the German term for late harvest wine: they allow the grapes to ripen longer on the vine, giving more time for acids to be transferred into sugars. 

In your mouth: Although I am sweet, I have the freshness and crisp minerality to balance it out. Rich notes of peach, red apple and honey burst forth on my palate followed up by a slate dominated kick and a long, lingering finish.

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