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Ferzo 2017 Pecorino

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Pairs with: Mussels steamed with saffron and fresh herbs

Good for: Creating a matched set of cheese and wine

Feels like: A ray of sunshine in early spring

Grapes: Pecorino

I am from: Abruzzo, Italy

The story: A "ferzo" is a piece of fabric used to make patchwork sails and flags, creating something that's more than the sum of its parts. So too with Ferzo Wines, who showcase indigenous grapes from vineyards across Abruzzo.

In your mouth: Delicate honeysuckle aromas develop into fresh cut grass. As you take your first sip, I'm crisp and dry, while notes of beeswax tease the edges of your tongue. A long, round finish only intrigues you more. You'll have to take another sip. 

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