Excellence de l'Ormarine 2016 Picpoul de Pinet

Store Location: Boston

Pairs with: Seared scallops

Good for: Beating the heat the French way

Feels like: Stepping into an air-conditioned house on a hot day

Grapes: Picpoul

I am from: Picpoul, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

The story! Founded in 1922, Caves de Ormarine was one of the first producers to make Picpoul de Pinet when the style was created. Ormarine also led the push to make Picpoul de Pinet a classified AOC in 1985. However, Picpoul dates back to the 1618, when it was first mentioned in the Sylve Plantarium as one of the famous grapes of Languedoc. 

In your mouth: I have a liveliness that you won't soon forget; if you like a crisp, tangy wine, then I'm the one for you. You can expect refreshing notes of citrus and minerality from every sip of me. 

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