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El Castro de Valtuille 2015 Godello

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Pairs with: Clam chowder

Good for: Adding some complexity to your wine diet

Feels like: A rival to white Burgundy

Grape: Godello

I am from: Bierzo, Spain

The story: The winemaker, Raul Perez Pereira, earned cult-status in the early 1990's and has been on a steady rise ever since. These are not “winemaker” wines so much as they are unadulterated expressions of the villages and vineyards from which they hail.

In your mouth: If you're a fan of Albarino, then you should check me out. I've got enough freshness and minerality to go around, but after spending 12 months in used oak barrels, I've got the body for whatever you throw at me too. 

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