Domaine Sainte Catherine 2015 Côtes du Roussillon Villages

Store Location: Needham

Store Location: Boston

Store Location: Newton

Pairs with: Grilled meat fresh off the barbecue

Good for: A quaffable yet robust wine 

Feels like: Letting all of your troubles float downstream

Grape: Syrah, Grenache, Carignan

I am from: Côtes du Roussillon, Languedoc-Roussillon, France

The story! This cousin of Côtes-du-Rhône offers big flavour but light body. This balancing act makes it a great choice for drinking in the sunshine alongside a plate of all your barbecue or picnic favorites. 

In your mouth: I'm sleek yet strong, light yet intense. Don't let these contradictions fool you though, I'm a wine made for one purpose: accompanying your favorite food in the warm weather. You can expect bold notes of black plum, raspberry, and clove from me. 

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