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Domaine du Somail 2017 Minervois Le Vin de Plume

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Pairs with: Rosemary-crusted lamb chops

Good for: Contemplating the state of the world

Feels like: Finding precisely the right word for a thought

Grape: Mourvedre, Syrah

I am from: Languedoc-Roussillon, France

The story: Minervois is one of the old wine regions in France. The Romans immediately recognized the potential of the gravel soils and bright sun. Today, Julie, Germain, and Francois continue the grand tradition with fifteen hectares of organically farmed grapevines. 

In your mouth: I'm startlingly bold, with deep notes of roasted plum and black pepper leaping from your glass. On the palate, my herb-tinged fruit and earthy depths recall sunshine on the hilly shrubs of southern France. 

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