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Domaine de Millet 2017 Colombard-Ugni Blanc

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Pairs with: Sushi

Good for: Sauvignon Blanc drinkers who want to explore something new. 

Feels like: Sitting on the bow of a speedboat

Grapes: Colombard, Ugni Blanc

I am from: Côtes de Gascogne, France

The story:  From the Southwest of France, this cheeky little blend is tangy and fresh; it drinks like a cross between Sauvignon Blanc and Vinho Verde. Many winemakers in this region actually focus on the production of Armagnac, but recently, there has been a push to make crisp, fresh table wines. 

In your mouth: I have plenty of freshness complemented by crisp lemon-lime notes and a touch of herbaceous greenness. I'm a perfect match for a day of lounging on the beach.

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