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Domaine de Listinconu 2018 Rosé

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Pairs with: Croque monsieur, or a croque madam for brunch

Good for: Sipping somewhere with a good view and even better company

Feels like: Finally being rescued from this island you've been stuck on for months.

Grape: Sciacarellu

I am from: Corsica, France

The story:  Corsica has been producing excellent wine for decades using mostly indigenous grape varieties, but most of it hasn't made its way to U.S. soil until recently. Its unique island climate is hot and mountainous, but frequently cooled by ocean breezes. It's closest in style to a Côtes de Provence rosé!

In your mouth: My nose is a bouquet of white flowers. On your palate, I am supple and soft, with hints of peach and mouthwatering salinity from the sea. A vivacious citrus finish invites you back for more. 

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