Domaine Coillot 2013 Marsannay 'Les Boivins'

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Pairs with: Seared duck breast 

Good for: Experiencing the darker side of Pinot Noir

Feels like: Stepping into a blacksmith's shop 

Grape: Pinot Noir

I am from: Marsannay, Burgundy, France

The story! Domaine Coillot started producing wine in the region of Marsannay in the 1960's and have since spread across 12 different appellations. However, the Coillot family has focused on low yields and high-quality, producing only 4000 cases of wines a year. Cristophe Coillot's philosophy emphasizes sustainable agriculture and minimal intervention, allowing the terroir to fully shine through in each wine. 

In your mouth:I'm unmistakable as a Côte de Nuits Pinot Noir; I offer notes of crunchy red fruit, cooked meat, and forest floor. If I sound a little strange to you, why don't you give me a try?

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