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Domaine Albert Mann 2017 Pinot Blanc Alsace

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Pairs with: Turkey breast, mac & cheese, and creamy dishes

Good for: Walking in a winter wonderland

Feels like: Connecting perfectly on a high-five!

Grape: Pinot Blanc

I am from: Alsace, France

The story: Domaine Albert Mann is managed by two brothers of the Barthelme family, Maurice and Jacky. They practice biodynamic farming across their portfolio of wines. They are both venerated and celebrated as top Alsace producers, continually delivering top-notch varietal wine.   

In your mouth: I am fresh, lively, and sure to dazzle your palate. I display notes of pear, almond, and lemon zest. I have a natural ability to bring people together and get people excited about wine.   

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