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Domaine Agapé 2016 Pinot Gris

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Pairs with: Sweet and sour salmon

Good for: Exploring a different side of a familiar grape

Feels like: A nectarine tree flowering next to a limestone wall

Grapes: Pinot Gris

I am from: Alsace, France

The story: Alsace is one of the most unique, fascinating terroirs in France. Its distinct Germanic sensibility creates powerful, textured whites. Domaine Agapé overlaps three Grand Cru regions, lending this bottle all the mineral complexity found in the best soils. 

In your mouth: I'm fascinating: take your time teasing out my aromas, and I'll reward you with lime blossom, pomelo, and nectarine. On your palate, my heady fruit rides a wave of structured minerality. My finish is long, lingering, and full - no less intriguing than my opening. 

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