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Dolianova 2016 Prendas Vermentino di Sardegna

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Pairs with: Wood grilled Mediterranean fish and seafood

Good for:Impressing your well-traveled in-laws

Feels like:Swimming off the coast of Sardinia

Grape: Vermentino

I am from: Sardinia, Italy

The story:As the saying goes, "We weren't looking for each other, but knew we were ready to find each other." Such was our encounter with this Vermentino from Sardinia; love at first taste. An indigenous grape variety from a remote place in an enigmatic bottle jumped from the glass, grabbed our attention and whispered, "I'm glad you came to Italy... love me."

In your mouth: I'm an extrovert, not a shy wine. In the glass, I glow a deep gold, with beautiful aromas. I'm bold with ripe fruit flavors of pears, apples and a touch of juicy Meyer lemon. I'll linger on your palate longer than you'd expect.

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