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Dievole 2016 Chianti Superiore

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Pairs with: Pizza with arugula and prosciutto

Good for: Drinking with every course of an Italian feast

Feels like: Slipping into your most comfortable clothing at the end of a long day

Grapes: Sangiovese, Merlot

I am from: Tuscany, Italy

The story: Dievole has been home to winemakers since 1090, when it was purchased for the low price of two capon, three loaves of bread, and a small handful of coins. Ever since, it's been home to divinely delicious bottles, made in a classic Italian style. 

In your mouth: Gentle notes of violets waft from my glass, followed by hints of bright cherry. I dance on your tongue, those same cherry notes leading hints of spice on a merry chase through touches of earth and red berries. I can morph into whatever you need for the night. 

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