Diego Conterno 2014 Barolo

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Store Location: Boston

Pairs with: Grilled lamb chops

Good for: Experiencing a truly classic wine

Feels like: The first time you get on a private plane

Grapes: Nebbiolo

I am from: Barolo, Piemonte, Italy

The story! This wine comes from one member of the famous Conterno clan; there is a whole group of Conternos in Piedmont, including such luminaries as Giacomo, Paolo, and Aldo Conterno. Anytime you see the name Conterno, you know it will be a quality wine. All of Diego's wines are certified organic and place an emphasis on allowing the natural quality of the terroir shine through in each bottle. 

In your mouth: I sport an elegant nose of nutmeg, flower petals, and red berries, followed up by a dense palate with a rich combination of fruit and spice. I'm about as classic as Barolo gets, so whether you are dipping your toes into the water for the first time or are a veteran of Barolo, grab a couple bottles of this beauty. 

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