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De Bortoli 2017 Family Selection Chardonnay

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Pairs with: Friends and family, cooking together on a Sunday

Good for: An easy sipping Chardonnay that can help you keep cool

Feels like: The Friday night before a long weekend

Grape: Chardonnay

I am from: South Eastern Australia, Australia

The story:  Founded in 1928 by Vittorio and Giuseppina de Bortoli, this winery is the meeting point of the Old World and the New. De Bortoli Wine’s official motto, Semper ad Majora (“always striving for better”) and the unofficial one (good food, good wine and good friends) remain as true and central as ever.

In your mouth: I'm so fresh and so smooth, you won't be able to put me down. Don't confuse me with a Californian or a French Chardonnay though; I'm something completely different. You can expect mild notes of ripe apple, lemon juice, and a subtle nuttiness.

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