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Crater 2014 Red Blend

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Pairs with: Grilled vegetables with romesco sauce

Good for: Exploring a new terroir

Feels like: Staring up at the awe-inspiring Mount Teide

Grapes: Listan Negro, Negramoll

I am from: Tenerife, Canary Islands

The story: In the back of an old flour factory at the base of Mount Teide – an active volcano! –  Crater singlehandedly revolutionized Canary Islands winemaking, creating some of the first premium blends from local grapes. Though their whole operation is about the size of one of our shops, the quality is huge. 

In your mouth: My bright, silky palate is deeply smokey. Touches of stewed plums in liquor join red earth, while aromas of sun-warmed bricks waft from your glass. My fine-grained tannins draw out the finish for days, leaving you lingering in my dreamy flavors. 

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