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Chasse Gardee 2014 Fitou

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Pairs with: The label might imply what they want you to eat with it

Good for: A meat experimentation day!

Feels like: A foraging expedition for Truffles in Southern France

Grapes:Carignan, Grenache, Syrah

I am from: Fitou, Languedoc, France

The story: Situated right by the Spanish boarder, this winery has always be cozy with the local wild boar population. They forage around and through the vineyard to mixed feelings from the winemakers. Chasse Gardee means 'controlled hunt.' You can only guess what they eat with with this wine.

In your mouth: Let me be as blunt as boar's tusk. I'm a bushel of dark fruits throughout the palate while providing an enticing undertone of smoke and earth. I got a lick of zip to me as well, enough the test your buds but not to overwhelm them. 

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