Catuj 2017 Nero D'Avola

Store Location: Needham

Store Location: Boston

Store Location: Brookline

Pairs with: Red meat, game, Mediterranean cuisine

Good for: Accompaniment to a rich meal (or conversation)

Feels like: A warm evening in the south of Italy

Grapes: Nero D'avola

I am from: Sicily, Italy

The story! Agricole SelVi is synonymous with high quality. After four generations of winemaking, Andrea Falorni decided to finally open his own winery. In order to get their phenomenal wines out to the rest of the world, the winery partnered with  La Castellani Spa in 2014 and has been continuing to grow and honor its family traditions ever since.

In your mouth: The soft nose of delicate dark fruit belies the richness of the wine itself: the palate brings lush notes of black cherries, currants, and blackberries. The velvet body is complemented by soft, lovely tannins, and a lingering finish of licorice, cedar, and florals. 

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