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Casica del Abuelo 2016 Tinto

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Pairs with: Braised, stewed, or grilled meats, like lamb or tenderloin

Good for: Decadent dinner parties

Feels like: Exploring the colorful streets of Alicante

Grapes:  Monastrell, Syrah, Petit Verdot

I am from: Spain

The story: Vinessens is a small family run winery in Alicante, Spain. They are constantly in search of what they call "Vinos de Autor" (Author Wines), or wines that reflect the personality of the maker. They are a true reflection of what has become known as a "garage winery," a new style of winery with exciting and cutting-edge interpretations of winemaking.

In your mouth: A lovely bouquet of red and black fruit, plum, blackberry, and herbs greets you. The palate is lively and fresh, with beautifully realized and well structured ripe tannins, and delicate notes of candied cherry, vanilla, orange peel, and dried currant. Intensely flavorful yet still balanced, this wine can hold its own. 

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