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Avanzi 2018 Lugana Sirmione

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Pairs with: Fish-based pasta dishes, risotto, prosciutto

Good for: Dinner parties and special occasions

Feels like: Napping in the shade of the Garda Mountains

Grapes: Turbiana

I am from: Garda, Italy

The story:  This bottle's tale begins in 1931, with Giovanni Avanzi. He founded the Avanzi Winery after experimenting with the stunning vineyards of the family estate, a tradition of passion and wine-making that his sons and grandchildren continue today. This wine is a very special single vineyard offering, raising the bar for all Luganas. 

In your mouth:  I'm full and refreshing, all at once. Start with my floral aromas, buoyed by gorgeous notes of citrus and peach. Continue to my juicy apricot palate, where zingy citrus plays with touches of creamy honey. You won't be able to get me out of your head. 

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