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Apolloni Vineyards 2014 Pinot Noir Estate

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Pairs with: Roast chicken with chanterelles

Good for: Pretending you're drinking aged Burgundy

Feels like: Walking through a forest in autumn

Grapes: Pinot Noir

I am from: Willamette Valley, Oregon

The story: Apolloni Vineyards is a true family winery: Alfredo and Laurine purchased the property in part so that their son could grow up on a vineyard! With all sustainable fruit, they push the boundaries of what Pinot Noir can do in the Willamette Valley. 

In your mouth: I combine everything you love about the Willamette Valley and Burgundy in a single glass. My gentle palate balances soft earthiness with notes of forest floor and precise cherry fruit. My silky tannins add support to a finish that lingers for minutes. 

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